Sentero is a sensory enhancement device which uses our most emotive sense - TOUCH - to connect us to the planet and each other. It is a smart sense which enhances your perception of space and creates emotive directional communication.

    As a new sensory organ, it is worn permanently so that the brain learns to understand the novel sensory information and interpret it as a new sense of orientation. It is not just a notification on a screen, over time it changes your perception so that you experience the world in a new way.

    Pre-Order Sentero - 2x bundle

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    This is a Pre-Order. Item will be manufactured and delivered in June 2021



    Sentero transmits spatial information to the brain via patterned vibrations structured in our unique haptic language


    With 1 Sentero you can:

    - sense the magnetic north, which orientates you

    - sense the direction of the people in your network

    - sense places that have meaning for you


    When paired with another Sentero you can:

    - send and receive haptic emojis

    - feel each others heartbeats