1. Make sure the device is charged (this will take several hours).

 - To make sure it is turned on you can put it in the charger and you should feel a vibration. Take out after feeling the vibration.

2. Make sure you have downloaded the newest app version from the link on the SET UP page

3. Connect Sentero to the app. To check that you are connected to the device, press the PREVIEW button on either the NORTH, PERSON or PLACE app page and you should feel the respective tacton.

4. Go to settings and choose your level of HAPTIC INTENSITY and SENSOR SENSITIVITY (we recommend LOW sensitivity for city areas where there are many disruptive fields, and HIGH for more remote areas).

5. Each morning and after charging, do the rotation routine to make sure the device is callibrated.

6. Wear the Sentero on the upper inside part of your less dominant arm, with the pinhole (not charging pins) pointing to the earth when your arm is resting.

7. Start moving around naturally with your arm in a resting position. Give the device a minute to stabilise itself and you will start feeling NORTH. 

8. Use your phone/ a compass to ensure Sentero is positioned on your arm so that it vibrates when you face NORTH (that it is not twisted and showing NORTH several degrees out).

9. Once you are used to sensing NORTH, you can add sensing a PERSON or a PLACE (see app instructions in WHAT IS A TACTON? section).

- NB. Each tacton has a 10second delay between the same one firing again to avoid over stimulation).

10. A: If you are actively sensing a PERSON or PLACE which you want to navigate to then you will need to keep the app running in the background on your phone so the location can update as you move. Should it disconnect or lose internet connection the Sentero will vibrate to notify you.

10. B: If you are only sensing NORTH, or a distant PERSON or PLACE, you can close the app completely. These relative directions will not change unless you or they travel significantly (Paris will always be relatively SOUTH of wherever I am in London, unless I travel to Germany and then it's relative direction will change). Closing the app completely will save battery.