Enhancement is for everyone...

Some groups believe that the human body is in need of 'fixing'.


We at CyborgNest think that human bodies are each unique and beautiful in our own way, there is no 'perfect' human, to think that negates the diverse types of embodiment that we humans have.


We believe that technology should be for ALL, enhancing the abilities and experiences of everyone no matter what body they are in. 

For example, people who are d/Deaf, Blind or have Low-Vision, and people with Autism and Parkinson's.

Sentero could benefit these communities in the following ways:

CyborgNest aims to create innovative enhancement devices which break down the barriers between assistive and non-assistive techology. We will do this by exploring Sentero's use with people with sensory impairments and people who are neurodivergent.


Sentero is a wearable device that can aid in navigation and orientation by communicating directions through patterned vibrations. Sentero could help the users to permanently feel cardinal directions without having to stop their activities and will permanently relate their location to other people and locations distant from them.

blind woman standing on a train platform holding their cane out infront of them and wearing black glasses
older man and a young man with down syndrome looking at eachother and laughing together


Sentero creates a richer connection to other members of the community and/or family/friends based on orientation and haptic feedback, i.e sensing their direction at any given time, their heartbeat, and communicating through haptic emojis. This is a huge advantage as connectivity is connected to our wellbeing, mentally and physically. 


Sentero adds an additional sensory input to Digital communications, such as phone and video calls. Seeing someone through a video call is beneficial to the communication level though not necessarily possible for the blind community. During a video or voice call, Sentero will add an additional layer of information, such as the other side's heartbeat, location, and more, all done through haptics.

Two woman in a kitchen looking at a person on a video call, all three are signing OK


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